Business systems - The thinking behind the systems

Key Business Elements
Information on Customers
  • What they have on order
  • What they have previously bought & at what price
  • Buying patterns of Value & Profit in 12/24/36 monthly ‘buckets’
  • Current ledger situation & credit status
  • What is their recent payment history in days

Information on Products/Inventory

  • Comprehensive product information of pricing, stock, telesales info etc
  • Sales patterns of quantity, value & profit in 12/24/36 monthly ‘buckets’
  • What Purchase Orders are raised for a product & when due in
  • Who has bought a particular product, how many, when & at what price
  • Stock ‘Cover’ in weeks/months based on recent sales
  • ABC & Slow moving analysis

Information on Suppliers

  • What have we got on order
  • What have we bought before & at what price
  • Buying patterns in 12/24/36 monthly ‘buckets’
  • What is our credit limit & payment terms
  • What is the suppliers recent delivery ‘rating’

Information for Customer/Supplier Service

  • Copy Invoice/Credits on request for the last 12/24/36 months
  • Customer/Supplier statements on screen or printed
  • Where is my parcel, shipping details for each dispatch
  • All documents can be faxed or emailed

Information for General Business

  • Real time company performance information throughout the day

The Ledgers

All the normal functions of Sales, Purchase and Nominal ledgers are included but with specail care for.....

  • Ergonomics and some terminology geared to ‘semi skilled’ bookkeeping & accounting staff.
  • No loss of transaction detail after period ends. All totals & transactions are held for the current and previous financial years.
  • Fully customisable Nominal account structure.
  • Customisable Profit & Loss and Balance Sheet layouts with Actual, Budget & Variance for current and previous financial years
  • BACS