Business systems - Technical

The system is designed to run on networked PC’s with no real limit to number of users.

For reliability we use the Advantage Database Server, a fast, reliable database server requiring minimal administation.

To be of use it has to run fast enough to keep up with your thinking processes.

  • Client/workstations - Runs under all current versions of Windows . Any PC or laptop you can buy these days will be more than adequate.
  • Server - All versions of Windows Server software and even on 'a PC on its side' in an emergency!

The system has been designed so that no ‘record lock, waiting’ situations should occur.

The system records many activities throughout the day greatly assisting problem solving after hardware problems.

It is worth noting that ALL file sizes are only limited by disk space. This applies to Product, Customer, Supplier files as well as no limit to number of lines on Invoices etc.